Online Memorials

Jordan “puppy” GillIs

2001 - 2017

You were a huge part of my life, I never took a step without you at my side or laying at my feet. You had more patience than anyone I've ever known and taught me how to be a better father to not only you but to my children as well, despite our growing pains. You spoke to me in so many ways yet you never uttered a word and I'm not sure how I will manage without you. Anyone that met you fell head over heels for you and I liked to believe you touched their hearts in the same way you've helped mine. You taught me to love unconditionally no matter what. It's been one day and I see you everywhere and would give one minute just to feel you up against my leg reminding me it's treat time and that you're simply there for me. Walk among the legends that are already in heaven because you are one yourself and they're will never be another like you. I will see you again I'm sure of it and we will go do the things we never got a chance to do together. Love Dad❤️