Online Memorials


2007 - 2018

Dearest Kevin, not a day goes by that I don't miss your inquisitive meow, your loving and deafening purr and your fearless nature. Your Daddy and I didn't have you for as many years as your brothers, but we love you just as much and our hearts ache just as deeply as they would if we took you home as a kitten. Our time was only a few years, but in that time you showed us unconditional love and brightened out world, every day. I've never met a cat like you, we would say you were our "Cat Cat" because we had never seen a cat embody so many of the traits that people think of when they think cat. Endlessly curious; nothing got past you. Anything new was under immediate investigation. Closed doors were absolutely forbidden in The Realm of Kevin. Furiously stubborn; it didn't matter how many times I kept you from going past our property, you still always pulled on your harness to go into the neighbour's backyard at least once, each time we went outside. Completely carefree; I got the most sun in the summers with you than any other, simply because you were so content spending the whole day lounging in the sun. I couldn't bear to bring you back inside when you looked so peaceful with the summer breeze blowing over you while you sunbathed. Even on your last day, you insisted on being outside, your legs wobbled but you still chased a butterfly, with absolute confidence in your abilities. You tired easily but still managed run for what seemed like forever. We tried our hardest to give you more time, but the daily treatments weren't enough to stop what nature had started. I was your time to go. I am so thankful for the extra time we had together, you were so good for me during your treatments and I guess I got too hopeful and thought we would've had more time together. You were such a special cat, it was my greatest honour so far in life, to be with you while you peacefully slipped away from this world. I wouldn't have had it any other way; after all, we did promise you to be there until the end. When you joined our family, you became a part of it forever. We were never letting you go, you would never have to go without proper love again. Sweet Kevycakes, you brought something into our lives that we didn't even know we were missing. We didn't plan to take in a new cat, but when you were offered to us, we knew it was fate. You were meant to be with us. Your Daddy and I miss you deeply and will love you until the very end of our days. Thank you for finding your way to us, life hasn't been the same without you.

Eternal love from your Mommy and Daddy ❤ xoxoxoxo

P.S. Please give Jack Jack some kisses for me, I know he met you at the rainbow bridge. I miss you boys so much, Dude and Hubert miss their brothers too. 2018 was a rough year.