Online Memorials


2001 - 2011

Kia was part of the family and was my companion for the last ten years. We miss her everyday since her passing, especially me, her grandma. There is not one day I don´t think of her without tears.

She was loyal and she would protect me with her life, walking out or in the house. She loved to go out—walking, running or riding in my car for as long as she was with me. When she was sick, I felt very helpless because I could not save the one I loved,we loved and when she died in my arms, my heart died with her. March 29, 2011 was the most devastating date for all of us, and March 31, 2011 was the most sadden date to say final good-bye to our loved one.

Kia you will be missed forever, and will never be forgotten.