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In loving memory of Manny

Manny passed peacefully on March 1 2021, at the beach in his devoted moms arms. He knew nothing but complete adoration from the time they met.
Manny loved adventure and that’s what Manny did. He never met a beach he didn’t love, a car ride he didn’t catch or a stick that wouldn’t get stuck in his tail. He took pride in protecting his yard, home, car and of course any object that you may want that he can reach. He is a Pekingese after all. Manny had the spirit of a puppy through his whole life; he loved to play tug, fetch or better...chomp on your arm! He loved hard and he carried himself with grace, he had no doubt he was special.

Manny is missed by many but none more than his Mom. Through thick and thin she protected and loved him. We will think of Manny every time we open a bag of popcorn. We will miss Manny when we visit the beach. We will cherish the memories and pictures we have of Manny.

Rest In Peace Moo Moo 🌹