Online Memorials


2005 - 2012

Misha wasn´t an ordinary dog. She was our little girl who had so much love and such a great personality.

Anyone who met Misha knew how special she was and she touched many hearts over her short 7 years. When you talked to her, it was like she could understand what you were saying and would communicate back to you.

Misha contracted an illness called Intestinal Lymphangiectasia which they say she could have had for a year before showing any significant signs. She was taken to the vet in our town Williams Lake where they tried to treat her December 27th 2011. The treatment worked with no success as she was so sick. On January 10th 2012 she was then referred to a specialist at Canada West Vets in Vancouver. We didn´t hesitate to try and give her the best possible chance of survival as she was our little girl. She had an appointment January 11th 2012 at 1:30pm. They had to do a blood transfusion so she could stand a chance at getting better which was started later that afternoon. Shortly after midnight she went into cardiac arrest and unfortunately didn´t make it. This was the hardest loss we have felt.

Intestinal Lymphangiectasia is a horrible disese which robs their little bodies of protein and can cause many other things in the later stages such as bleeding ulcers and intestinal bowel disease which Misha also had. We still have a half sister dog of Misha´s which we have now scheduled protein checks every 6 months to make sure she doesn´t go through what Misha did. If you have a dog that is susceptible to this disease (most common in terrier breeds), I would urge you to have your dog checked yearly.