Online Memorials


2015 - 2019

Pearl was called to the kitty Rainbow July 17 2019 @745pm. And passed at Avon animal hosptial in Langley. In mourning over our Pearl my aunty and I went to Sengal gardens and honored Pearl. She came in many forms today we saw her as a bee, a butterfly, a snail, seen some lovely gardens. I am greatful for getting out of the the house and just being in nature to remember her. She was never an out door cat bc of her immune condition, but I envisioned her playing in the grass and chasing the birds cackling and scampering down the pathway. I placed her collar on our mirror hangs with Clara's pearl necklace that she made me..I am surrounded by heavenly spirit and for that I am Greatful. The heart will heal thru her memory! I Love you Babies I miss you more than words could
My heart breaks in peices as I tell you that we have lost our Pearl...We had an outstanding vet who was so compassionate and considerate of our needs..We had to lay her to rest as she had been fully enveloped with cancer. We had no idea what we thought were kidney stones turned into a ravaging cancer. This cat was the center of this families life and we miss her deeply and we will always have a void in our hearts. For those that new us, new our Pearly whirly was our families everything..she has brought us great joy and helped us thru such sorrows that life can bring. It's hard to explain, but this cat was healing on many levels. Her ability to be mothering, (in which she could not have babies)..she mothered us all when we were sick, going thru a tragic loss, she was our laughs thru so much pain..Her intuition, grace and softness was unlike anything, I had seen before in an cat. She was sensitive and she new that we loved her, you could see thru her eye kisses..that loving, sensitive, soft gaze she would give me as she lay so delicately, in my lap each and every day. Her favorite place to lay was in my lap and in front of our fireplace..her favorite thing to eat, was duck and swweet potatoe her favorite treat was head to tail hairball snacks, her favorite place to make bread was on our comforter and Ethans paw patrol blanket. Her favorite person to chase and play with was Isaiah. She was sensitive to his Devine energies and she would go squirrely, when he would run downstairs or up. But they had a special bond..I remember when Pearl would lay in the back of Mary's legs when she was sick or sleeping. When she was a kitten then and very spunky and had quite the attitude..Pearl, helped Mary in so many ways when she was going thru difficult things. Pearl created a veil of comfort for her. Gerald (Dad) loved Pearl and treated her like his baby girl.. He spoiled her and his love for his girl was so heartfelt and connected. You could see the love in her eyes, when he pet that closing of eyes in absolute peace. I pray so much comfort for you My dear Pearl . I know God had other plans and your being greeted by the ones we have lost in these last couple years. You will be celebrated and honored, all the days of your families life. We miss you terribly but find comfort in knowing you no longer suffer in pain and that you are able to be free as you were meant to be. To roam, in tall grass and to chase butterflies and birds. To bath, in the hot sun.. may you feel it radiate thru you and warm your heart and soul. Until we meet again Pearly Whirly at the pearly white gates of heaven. Love your mama Starla, Dad Gerald and your brothers Isaiah and Ethan and your sister Mary, your aunty Brenda and friends who loved and adored you. May God comfort you and hold you he clearly had plans for you in heaven. Love you sweet Pearly.
Aka: Pearl , Dog (bc she was so inteligent and did tricks), pearly whirly, da babies, babes.