Online Memorials


2012 - 2021

Pucci has transitioned into Spirit and is no longer with us in the physical world. Our hearts and souls are shattered.
Pucci was a healer and a teacher. Her powers to heal stemmed from her ability to love unconditionally. Raw, unbiased, unconditional, pure love. She would greet everyone equally and gave her heart wholeheartedly to anyone who needed it. She was nonjudgmental and set an exemplary example for us on what it meant to be kind, and to give the world the best and most accepting and loving version of ourselves. Her ability to instantly connect with every single person she meets is an otherworldly gift, a superpower from a greater part of the universe. It will be hard to carry on, from the 327423472 photos of her on the phone to simply seeing another dog on the street. Everything will be a constant reminder of our sweet baby girl. However, she'll now protect and heal us from the other side and continue to set an example for us, humans, to follow. She will always be our guiding light. Her tiny footsteps have made an impact on our lives that will last forever.
Rest in peace beautiful angel. Please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Your family will love you forever. Thank you for blessing this world with your beautiful soul.