Online Memorials


2006 - 2022

May 6, 2006 - october 21, 2022
My Roscoe… My heart is broken. Words cannot describe my sadness of having to say goodbye to you… I will forever be grateful for the love and happiness you brought to our lives. You were a crazy, unruly pup with huge attitude, and two big brown eyes that mesmerized everyone as they were full of joy and love! Even in your senior years people complimented you for being so handsome! And you were! Crazy but handsome! You took after me! ❤️For years our family has had the most civilized fights because you could not stand any of us getting angry at the other. And boy, you could bark to keep us in line!!
Way into your senior years there was no squirrel or cat that dared cross your path! They were not your favourites! You almost fought a group of racoons! What were you thinking, crazy doggy?
You loved to chase that ball! For hours!! I never took you out for a walk! But you took me out for runs, chasing squirrels, running some more … I would come back exhausted and ready to nap for the rest of the day but not you! Half an hour later, you were ready to do it again! Watching you struggling to stand for the last year was agonizing.
They say time heals… it’s been a week and it isn’t getting any better… We now have the entire bed for ourselves, but we continue to sleep right on the edges, hoping you will find your way back home, with us. Your dad still wakes up every night at 2:00 am just in case you need to go pee… I miss your stinky breath, your cuddles, your body lying next to me and your head always on my leg, I miss the sound of your paws pacing around the house, you coming as fast as you could every time you heard the fridge opening, or smelled food … I miss everything about you.
You hated car rides and you whined and complained so much … but the last few years, you became so excited to join us on a trip. You just wanted to be with us, every minute of the day and night. Funny enough I am grateful for this pandemic that forced us to work from home and soak in all the love you gave us. ❤️ You loved sleeping in your dad’s office, while he was working. It was your safe space.
I wish we had more time. I have not stopped crying, and I miss you so much. Your love was unconditional and you, my boy, never let me down. So unfair that we had to say goodbye…
You were my first pup and I thank the universe for bringing us together and choosing us to be your family. I fell in love from the moment you stumbled in front of us. Your brothers were busy playing, but you stopped, came towards us and those big eyes stole our hearts. I pray and hope you can still feel our love wrapped around your kind soul, wherever you are, cause you were loved so much… There was only one Roscoe, and I will miss you for the rest of my life… My arms are empty, our house is quiet, but you will live forever in our hearts. Remembering the joy you brought and the love you gave us is so easy… if only I knew what to do with this pain and emptiness you left behind … Rest in peace my lovely fur baby… I hope you are free of pain and running again, chasing squirrels and frightening cats… Until we meet again… my dear Roscoe Rocco … i love you! Goodbye… 🐾💔