Online Memorials

Stubby Boy

2005 - 2010

He was in a cat rescue due to my financial and medical health for only 43 days and was neglected,covered in urine and feces,Had a viral Infection in his eyes,nose and ? and was left in a very cold room and left to starve and die from what? What he was dying from?! the lady kept telling me he was fine and surely he was not! she never took him to a vet,even though she is a vet tech,ah! So I took him home,snuck him in my new low income apartment! Took him to a vet and gave him med´s and pain med´s but only for a short period due to financial difficulties. Then went back and got his mother 2 day´s later! and my Stubby was warm,fed,loved but in too much pain to hang on any longer :( I had Stubby from conception except the 43day´s I totally regret my decision about my cat´s and will forever regret my decision to put them in her care,I trusted her! :{ So Stubby was with me once again but for only 7 day´s and 1 night it was too late to save him :( I am so sad and heart broken :( and numb! I could have saved him but the lady never gave me the chance :{ Now he is gone and all I want is for him to be happy,in no pain and free from his disabilities <3 But I want him back so bad it hurts so bad :( He was a very happy boy and full of Life! We had such a bond,he slept with me all of the time-on my tummy,I held his paw,massaged his whole body,he gave me kisses,he liked it when I would give him fresh filtered water-he could hardly wait till it finished filtering! He would sit and wait by his water bowl so patiently! He liked it when I gave him water from my own bottle of filtered water in the lid just for him! He was a great cat and still is! My baby Stubby when he was born he never went to his mom he only wanted to cuddle with me except feeding time of course! <3 No matter how many times I put him with his siblings he kept coming back to cuddle with me,so I let him <3 He will be in my heart and soul forever and I miss him so :( :( May you be at Peace and Free from Pain I LOVE you Stubby <3 Your Mom <3 I will see you soon Stubby when it´s my turn to cross the Rainbow Bridge <3