Online Memorials


2003 - 2019

What can I say about you, our baby Taz. You were the heartbeat of our little family. We are so lost and lonely without you. You were an angel in disguise who gave us his full lifetime to keep us all afloat with our challenges despite your own challenges and struggles along the way. A brave soul and oh such a resilient trooper. My son’s guardian, savior, protector and his true and most loyal friend and brother till your last breath. Always ready to forgive and love us all unconditionally. You brought smiles to countless people out there while riding along in your stroller. You live on not only in our memories and photo albums but also of strangers who would bump into you at tourist spots from East coast to West coast. And who would line up to get pictures taken with you. So little and yet such a big personality. No surprise when you thought you could take down a German shepherd once by his tail. Oh Taz! Our little Tasmanian devil. A true foodie! Knew all your fruits and veggies and pasta and pizza days! It broke our hearts to see you go but you deserved the peace and a new life with no more pain and suffering. You would have gone on and on for us, we know. You left a big hole in our lives and it seems impossible right now to climb out of it. Wherever you are we know you are in best place possible, you were after all a perfect soul. The only thought that keeps me going is that hopefully we will cross each other’s paths again and spend another lifetime together. Until then....take care of yourself and we pray for the very best for you. We all miss you terribly my baby.