Online Memorials


2004 - 2020


I love you. You came to us as kittens from Shuswap in 2005, along with your four brothers because you and your brothers were not purebred kittens. We were the lucky ones. Of your brothers, you had three who were like you only they were long hair with orange markings, and your other brother was a short hair tabby. Then there was you, different from your brothers being long hair with tabby marking. all by yourself, resting. I fell in love with you.

Did you know that you healed my broken heart? I had just lost my cat, Coco (12) who died of cancer. You came along and brought us so much joy and happiness with your loving playful way you had about you. That was in February.

We also had another cat that was Steve’s. She was a pure black Siamese with “fangs.” Her name was Dracula and we called her Drac. She came from a kitty mill and already had a litter of kittens, but because of her fangs and being black no one wanted her, except Steve, who fell in love with her and took her home. Shortly after you came into our lives and joined Drac, we discovered Drac was not well. Our vet made an appointment with Canada West Veterinary where they confirmed Drac had cancer.

You were ten months old and ten pounds at the time. Drac needed a blood transfusion and although Canada West did not take cats under a year for transfusion, what with your weight and a perfect blood match for Drac with. B+, you gave Drac the blood transfusion she needed. It was then I knew the reason you were in our lives, to give a blood transfusion to Dracula. Unfortunately, the cancer returned after Drac had surgery and she died in August of 2005, seven months after Coco.

You were such a joy in our lives, bringing us much happiness with just your presence. You loved to be brushed, having me feed you grass, even though you could get it yourself. Always helping me make the bed. And when we opened a can of tuna for lunch you were right there, where is mine. You had a demanding way about you and knew what you wanted with opinions of what you liked and did not like.

You definitely let us know you were the alpha cat when in November 2005 Steve brought home Barbara (1) whose family was not able to have her. You were always wanting to play with Barbara, yet Barbara felt intimidated by your size. You had grown into a 13lb cat. Eventually you and Barbara had an understanding where you would come together and took on the ways of each other, like crossing your paws when you slept.

And then you were sick. My heart breaks when I remember back in December your look that told me you were not well and yet I did not notice. Instead of being your playful, demanding self, you started to slow down. I thought it was just your age. Then in January when we took you to the veterinary it was discovered that you had congestive heart failure with so much fluid in your stomach. I am so sorry this happened to you Timothy. My heart broke when I saw the x-ray of your stomach and knew that fluid would not be absorbed back. Our Vet, Tina, had said that even if the fluid was absorbed it would return. On January 27th, 2020 we “laid you to rest.”

We miss you little guy and love you so much. Today you are at the Rainbow Bridge to meet your sisters Coco, Drac and Barbara, along with your brothers, where you can play joyfully in the fields together.

Love you and miss you little guy.
Your family, Steve and Maureen