Online Memorials


2005 - 2013

Our whole world fell apart when god came calling for you. You were the ultimate companion, our best friend, our buddy, our love, our world, our everything. We could not have asked for anything more in our family dog, except for more time with you. If we could have looked into a crystal ball as to what the future holds we would have caught your aggressive illness in time and you would have been here enjoying life with us, and us enjoying life with you. But my dear Zeus, my handsome baby boy, life just isn't fair sometimes. You were diagnosed with your illness just one week ago, and now one week later God has taken you home. We are in shock, deeply saddened, crying buckets of tears, our hearts are aching, and we are truly, truly mourning your sudden passing. You have left a huge hole in our hearts.

Thank-you dear Zeus for sharing all of the many good times with us. You just loved to play with soccer balls, hockey balls, frisbees, fetching sticks, going for walks, playing in the park, going for car rides, helping out with the weeding in the yard, chasing your brother cat "Whisky", greeting us when we came home, begging for treats until everyone in the house gave you one, making yourself comfortable on the couch as well as the bed, being very vocal in expressing yourself, the way that you would tilt your head absorbing everything we were saying to you, your love of barking at the mail and the newspaper carriers, your dedication to us in following our every move and step in sync, your loyalty, your endless love, your companionship, your smile, your handsome face and your warm heart. Zeus, my baby boy, you were much too young to leave us. Thank-you so, so much for enriching our lives.

It was extremely hard and painful to let you go, but now you are free from your illness. You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday and every night.

Loving and missing you ever so terribly with each waking moment are: Your Mum Raffaela, Nick, Sam, your brother cat Whisky, close relatives, and many next door neighbours.

God Bless You, Rest In Peace.
Ciao Bello Mio "Zeus". XOXOXO.