Our Story

There is an old saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” For us, Until We Meet Again is our family’s silver lining.It all started on a sunny June day. I had been out picking up a few things that I needed for our family vacation. I turned onto our street and noticed what I thought was a white bag on the road. As I got closer to our driveway I realized that it was our precious cat Patches, she had been killed by a car.

It was so upsetting. We all loved her so much. Three days later we left on our vacation hoping it would help lift everyone´s spirits.

Two days into our trip we got a call from our nephew who was looking after our dogs. He told us that our 11-year-old Bichon Poodle cross Libby had been attacked by another dog and our vet was unable to save her. We decided we would go home early the next morning.

One hour into our trip home, our nephew called again and the unimaginable happened – our beautiful 11- year- old German Shepherd Kayla had just peacefully passed away.

We were absolutely devastated. We had Kayla and Libby since they were pups, our boys didn´t know life without them. Kevin and I found it hard to understand how something like this could happen, three beloved pets gone in less than a week. The thought of telling the kids about the dogs was overwhelming. When Kevin told the boys he explained to them that Kayla and Libby had done their journey on Earth together and now they were off on a new journey. He reassured them that our girls would be just fine because they have each other, just like we have each other.

Before this particular week Kevin and I had not put much thought at all into pet cremation. After this tragic week Kevin and I put a lot of thought into pet cremation. We realized that we had an opportunity to provide a caring and respectful service. We could make sure that every pet that we cremated was done so with care. Knowing that each animal is someone else´s “Kayla, Libby or Patches”. During that awful week no one could have convinced me that something good would come from all that tragedy. It is with peace and a grateful heart that I watch our business grow. We are so thankful to everyone that has entrusted us with their pets. It is a privilege to serve you.

We dedicate our company to, “Our pets that have passed, Kayla, Libby and Patches, Until We Meet Again…

Here we are now and what a journey it has been. We have come from a time when we lost our 3 girls and thought we had lost the world. And now, with them always in our hearts, we are able to serve thousands of pet parents through the loss of their loved ones. We are so proud to be educating both the public and veterinarians about what to look for when choosing a pet cremation provider. Joanne has attended two of the Pet Loss Companioning Courses and has completed the UBC peer counseling training program.

Kevin continues to keep busy with managing Until We Meet Again as well being a fulltime Firefighter in North Vancouver.

Kevin completed his certification through the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance in the fall of 2011 and was presented his certificate at the graduation ceremony held this March in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kevin was one of 38 graduates to participate in this highly specialized certification course. This certification will enable pet loss professionals to better help their communities and pet parents before and after the death of a pet. The course focused on various aspects of the pet cremation profession, including crematory practices, family support and standards and ethics.

Kevin continues to sit on the Standards and Ethics Committee of the PLPA to continue to promote change in our Profession.

It has been an absolute honor to be able to serve pet families with compassion and integrity. We all feel truly blessed by all the people we have been able to get to know and we thank everyone for all the cards and letters you continue to send us. It helps affirm that we are indeed making a difference out there. Thank you to everyone who has shared a part of their life with us!

Kevin, Joanna, Kelsey, Jacklyn, Scott, Guy, Iain, Matt, Jessica, Kirstie, Cindy, Hayley and Dave. And of course our furry office staff, Stretch, Daisy, Abby and Lucy.